Depression & Anxiety

Depression, anxiety and other symptoms can be present regardless of your current situation in life. Together we can discover the meaning of symptoms and experiences leading to fuller participation in life's possibilities. A better understanding contributes to more effective coping strategies. We may explore the impact of childhood conditions, your relationship history and your unique personality factors.

Families and  Teens

Is your family life chaotic and stressful? Are you worried about your teenager's moods, or behaviors? Or maybe you're seeking support to overcome barriers and grow into the person you want to be? While these problems and challenges are part of everyday normal life, many of us could use some help navigating our way through them. My work is anchored in a strength-based philosophy. I will partner with you to create a personalized approach that accesses your strengths, honors your unique needs and works towards change in a focused, yet compassionate manner. Through our work together, you will be able to make powerful changes in your life.